>Pictures at the mall

>If anyone ever wants to test their patience (multiple times, I might add!), may I recommend taking 3 children (all 3 and under) to the mall to get pictures taken!?! Last night I decided to go and get Sydney’s picture taken … I wasn’t quite feeling up to working with Justin to get a picture with all 3 kiddos (he’s in a phase when getting pictures taken is not his favorite thing to do!) … I was saving that picture for today when I had help from my Mom … but more on that later. Anyway, thankfully Sydney was as happy as can be and I wasn’t really needed to try and get her to smile … because meanwhile I was chasing my 2 year old boy who kept trying to escape and run like a wild man! But I must say that it makes for some fun memories … and you would laugh at some of the comments I get from people! I don’t know if they’re more surprised that I have 3 kids who are all so young, or that I don’t look like I’m old enough to HAVE 3 kids!!!

In case going to the mall last night wasn’t enough excitment, I decided to try and get a picture with all 3 kids in their Easter clothes. Since my Mom was going to be here hanging out with me, I thought today would be a good time to make that appointment. We had some great live entertainment, that’s for sure! Justin wasn’t being too cooperative, so I resorted to pulling out fruit snacks to try and get him to sit. Well … eating some fruit snacks wasn’t good enough, he wanted to hold the entire pack … so needless to say, I have a great picture with Justin smiling happy as can be while he’s holding his little pack of fruit snacks! It definitely captures the memory I suppose! Hailey did a great job holding Sydney for quite a long time while we were working with Justin! So next time any of you are in my living room, you can check out the “fruit snack” picture hanging on the wall!

Things are going well with Brian in Florida … although me and kids are anxious to see him on Friday night! I am so grateful to my Mom for coming to spend a day with me and keep me company, what a blessing Mom’s are! And the Lord has been so kind to provide us with such beautiful weather which makes time go much faster when we can play outside and go to parks! I hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful weather!


2 thoughts on “>Pictures at the mall

  1. >Sarah, I’m greatly enjoying the stories of your children’s great adventures! It sounds like you never have a dull moment in the Herr household or anywhere your family goes. I’m sure you will be greatly blessed watching them grow up. Thank you for sharing and keep the stories coming!Love, Aunt Jan

  2. >Sarah,I LOVE your blogsite – you are so right – the pictures and stories help us to stay in touch. Maybe if we ever get a home computer and if I ever have any extra time I’ll figure out how to do this blogthing. It’s kind of like a journal or diary. We are all fine. Tell Brian (in case he doesn’t already know) that Brad is engaged.Hope to see you soon.Boni Phipps

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