>Home Sweet Home … and a Prayer Request

>Last night around 7:30 Brian got home … it’s wonderful having him back home again. We had a Church meeting at 7:30 that we had to leave right away for, so the kids were already with a sitter and didn’t get to see Daddy until we picked them up afterwards. Thanks to all of you who served me while he was away and prayed for us.

I have a prayer request to pass along … the couple who assists us in leading our Caregroup in Church, Kevin and Kerry High (her name is pronounced Kurry) delivered their baby last night via emergency c-section due to an infection and she was only 23 1/2 weeks along. She wasn’t due until August. They had a boy and named him Ryan. As of last night, he was on a ventilator which is a miracle in and of itself that he made it through the first few hours of life (very crucial, and the first of many big hurdles to make it over). He weighs 1 lb. 5 oz. which is another blessing that he is as big as he is. They thought she was only 22 weeks, but found out after delivering that she was actually more like 23 1/2 … so there are many little blessings already to be grateful for in this diffucult situation. However, regardless of what happens they are going to have a very hard road ahead of them. At this point the biggest concern is avoiding infections for Ryan, and of course his lungs. We know they would appreciate any prayers on their behalf … thanks.


One thought on “>Home Sweet Home … and a Prayer Request

  1. >Sarah, glad Brian made it home safe and sound. Thanks for letting us know about the little baby that was born last night. We will pray for tiny Ryan and his family. May the Lord sustain them during this difficult time, keep infection far from him and help his lungs to develop fully.Love, Mom (Mimi)

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