>Ryan Update

>We have an update from the High’s. Kerry is continuing to heal well after her c-section which is wonderful. Another praise … they did x-rays on Ryan’s head and there is no blood in his brain and everything looks good.

Some prayer requests … Ryan’s potassium and sugar levels are high, so he’s on insulin to bring those down. As well his fluid level is low, so they are hoping that rises. He will most likely be needing a blood transfusion soon, so pray that everything goes smoothly with that. He continues to be on the respirator to help his lungs develop and will be for quite some time. All in all, he is doing amazingly well and Kevin and Kerry are trusting the Lord in all of this. Please also pray that God would continue to grant faith to strengthen their trust and hope in Him, and that Ryan would continue to evidence God’s sustaining grace as his body develops and grows as these first few days and weeks are very critical.

Thanks so much for your prayers.


2 thoughts on “>Ryan Update

  1. >Sarah, so glad that you updated us on little Ryan. We will continue to pray that he is spared and improves without difficulty. Is this their first child? Kendra

  2. >Kendra,Thanks for your prayers. Ryan is their first child … they had difficulty getting pregnant so were quite excited when they found out they were expecting. It’s a blessing that they were flown to a hospital that is able to care for their little guy prior to the c-section … had they delivered locally they most likely would not have been able to do anything for Ryan. It’s amazing how well he is doing. Thanks for asking, hope all is well with your family!Love,Sarah

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