>Swingin’ and Softball

>Last night the kiddos and I went outside after dinner to wait for Daddy to get home from work … Hailey and Justin were having lots of fun on our swingset, and Sydney was staying warm hanging out in the jogger stroller. They all love to be outside. This weather is absolutely beautiful … we were outside all morning into the afternoon today and even ate lunch outside. I think they are good and tired … I didn’t hear a peep after putting them down for their naps. Tonight softball starts for Brian with a scrimmage … he’s playing on the Church team for the first time this year so it should be fun to take the kids and watch his games!


4 thoughts on “>Swingin’ and Softball

  1. >Oooooh, I just want to come and hug and kiss that little Sydney Grace…gotta be the cutest little bunny I ever saw!! You can send me that one, Sarah! Glad you are enjoying these beautiful spring days with your children!

  2. >Sarah, what little sweethearts you have! I am thoroughly enjoying reading your updates and seeing the latest “hot off the press” photos of Hailey, Justin & Sydney. You are such a super “mommy” and I commend you for the outstanding job you’re doing — and for the joy and fulfillment you’re obviously enjoying in your God-given role as a wife and mother. You are certainly honoring God, Sarah! I’m so proud to have you as my niece 🙂 Love you, Aunt Deb

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