>A Full Weekend

>We had quite a busy weekend … on Saturday morning I went to a yard sale bright and early (and got lots of good deals!). Then when I came home Brian went over to softball practice so I took the kids over to play at the park beside the field. Then the kids were playing on the bleachers watching Daddy play softball and Justin took a nice little spill off of the bleachers and fell onto the cement … of course somehow he managed to hit his head on the edge where it changes to dirt, so he got a nice gash on his head (nothing like a blood covered head … but you’ll be glad to hear that after it stopped bleeding the cut wasn’t too bad). Justin gashing his head pretty much ended the morning at the park. So then we all went home for lunch, then in the afternoon Brian and I went to the funeral service for Ryan High. Kevin and Kerry are doing very well as they are resting in the sovereignty of our Lord and trusting His will.

Then we headed to Lancaster later in the day on Saturday to hang out with Brian’s family. We had a fun time spending time together and the kids always have a blast at Grand-Dad and Grandma’s house. They did an egg hunt in the back yard in the evening (see the pics!). Sunday was Church followed by 2 different showers for me (a bridal and a baby). Then in the evening around bedtime for the kids we came home sweet home. And Brian’s little sister Krista offered to come back with us and stay for a couple days to help me out (she’s a real sweetie!). Dad Herr has a meeting in the area on Tuesday, so he’s going to swing by and pick her up then. It’s nice having someone around to help and hang out with!

Tonight Brian has the semifinals for his volleyball playoffs. They re-seeded the teams so that the #1 team plays the lowest seed that made it to the semi’s (which is the #7 seed) … so that means that our team plays the #3 seed which they have a much better chance of beating! So I’m looking forward to watching them play tonight! I’ll be sure to let you all know how they do later!

Justin with his cousin Easton … and Hailey with her cousin Kambell.


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