>Oatmeal and a busy weekend

>Here at the Herr’s we’ve been quite busy. Over the weekend, we had lots going in some of which included a birthday party, a graduation party, and my brother Jared’s Pastor’s College graduation in MD. So we’ve been going from one thing to the next! It was fun getting to see both of our families over the past couple of days though. We left for Lancaster right after Church on Sunday to drop off the kiddos at Brian’s parents. Then we headed to Gaithersburg for Jared’s graduation. What a wonderful time it was to witness his graduation! We are all very proud of him for the many hours and hard work he has invested these past 9 months to better equip him to serve in a Church context. And I must say, his wife Meghan is a true gem. She has released him and served him countless ways all the while taking care of Ryle and Ben … what an example of a humble, joyful servant she has been to me! We are quite anxious to have them living only 40-45 min. away!

We were able to spend the night and stay into Monday (thanks Dad and Mom!) so that was a nice time for Brian and I to get some time together. Then on Monday we headed back to Lancaster to pick up the kids. It was so kind of Brian’s parents to take the kids for us … thanks Dad, Mom, Krista and Derek! It was great getting to hang out with all of the Herr’s over dinner before coming home. Then last night we came home and settled into things back here … home sweet home!

Sydney has started eating oatmeal over the past few days … and she loves it. She actually likes to eat that way more than she likes her bottle. She hasn’t been that great of a eater all her life, but it appears that she’ll do just fine as we begin to give her solid foods!

Here’s a picture of Sydney’s first oatmeal experience …


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