>A Trip to the Pediatric Dentist

>There just isn’t a dull moment in the lives of the Herr’s …

This morning Justin took a pretty bad fall while he was sitting in his chair at the table eating breakfast. I’m not really sure how he managed to tip over the chair that his booster seat is strapped to … but somehow he managed (can’t say I’m too surprised). As soon as I heard him fall and looked over and saw his face against the hard wood floor I had a feeling it was not going to be a pretty sight. And indeed it wasn’t … he busted his lip in about 4 places and had a nice brushburn on his chin. I thought that all of the bleeding was due to cutting his lip a few places … so I took him over to the sink and tried to clean him up a little while he was screaming, then I gave up and just grabbed a bunch of paper towels and sat down with him. He let me put wet paper towels in his mouth so that was good and didn’t make as big of a mess all over him and me. So I held him for about a 1/2 hour and then he wanted to eat breakfast … so I sat him down and said something to him that made him smile.

That’s when I saw that his one upper front tooth was not exactly the same location it once was and that there was blood all on it and around it. Knowing that teeth injuries can be pretty serious I figured I was going to have to get it checked out. So after giving my hubby an update, I called our dentist to see what they suggested and they wanted me to take him to a pediatric dentist right away. So … I loaded up the 3 kiddos and went off on my little adventure. Thankfully Sydney fell asleep on the way there and stayed asleep the entire time we were in the office so that was quite a blessing! Hailey played her leap pad for the majority of the time we were there and did a great job being patient. I think everyone who saw me thought I was just a little on the crazy side … everyone kept saying to me “are they ALL yours?” When I answered yes I think they thought I was even more crazy. 🙂 Then they tell me I must be busy … and that I can’t deny!

I’m sure as my Mom and Mother in law read this they are quite aware that they would have loved to help me out if they lived closer … but I’m used to taking the kiddos with me … so I thought nothing of it. Anyway, back to the excitement … so the dentist had me hold Justin facing me then lay him down on his knee so that he could get into his mouth. That went over real well! For the first few seconds Justin was ok, but as soon as the dentist went into his mouth he just screamed the entire time. So I was holding his hands down and the dentist was checking out his tooth as quickly as possible. Thankfully it didn’t take too long … so then Justin was fine (and was enjoying his stickers they gave him!).

So then the dentist gave me the update … he said that there is trauma level 2 (whatever that means!) to his tooth and that the root has been struck hard. His tooth has shifted a good bit, but not far enough to mess up his bite, so that’s good. The other good news is that his tooth isn’t too loose and since he’s so young there is a good chance that it will heal and they won’t have to pull it out. So they are hoping that it will heal and we won’t have to do a thing to it (although his tooth will now be permanently tilted in a little). We go back in a week and a half to see if it’s getting better or worse. If it gets worse between now and then they may have to do something, but if it still looks ok after that time, then he thinks we’ll be alright. We just have to keep a close eye on it and try to make sure he doesn’t bump it on anything … easier said then done with Justin!!

Here are some pics of our little guy all beat up!


One thought on “>A Trip to the Pediatric Dentist

  1. >awww….the poor guy, and he “had” such nice looking teeth too…oh well. I will be praying that you willn’t have to do anything to it. Praise God it was only a tooth and a baby tooth at that! Love,Krista 🙂

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