>Home at Last!

>Early this morning (around 2:15 a.m.) Brian got home safe and sound! I had long since gone to bed hours before then, but of course I woke up when he got home … it was so nice to see him and welcome him home. The plane got in about 20 min. late, and then driving home on 95 they hit traffic due to construction … so it was a little later than he was hoping, but he was just glad to be home and get to bed with me. As I write this the kids are starting to wake up and they are quite excited to know that Daddy is now home (only Hailey remembered from last night that he would be home when they wake up)!!

We do have a pretty busy weekend … today Brian is going over to a men’s breakfast that our church is doing, and then right when he gets home we leave to drop the kiddos in Lancaster at Grandad and Grandma Herr’s while we go to a wedding. We most likely won’t get home until pretty late tonight. Then tomorrow I have a bridal shower in the afternoon for a friend from church. Thankfully that’s all we have Sunday, so we should get some time to just hang out as a family later in the day. Of cousre then we jump right into a very busy week … but that’s life!

But for now I’m just grateful to have Brian home with us … even amidst busyness!


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