>Two Down … One to Go …

>Well, now that our friends Mike and Destiny got married 2 weekends ago, and our babysitters Jon and Alana this past weekend … that only leaves my brothers wedding … which for obvious reasons is the one that I’m looking forward to the most! It has been such a blessing to see the Lord work in Ryan and Hollis’ life over these past years, and I can’t wait to celebrate with them and add another sister to our family! It should be a fun weekend (Hailey and Justin will be at Brian’s parents … but we will have Sydney with us) and we look forward to seeing many family and friends too!

This past weekend was a special memory not only because of our good friends getting married, but because it was Hailey and Justin’s first time being in a wedding. As many of you recall, I was a little (or a lot!) skeptical about having Justin as the ring bearer. Well I have one word to sum up that … BRIBERY!!! Let’s just say that it was very clear on Friday night at the rehearsal that Justin wanted no part in walking down the isle at first. Thankfully he is easily persuaded when it comes to lollipops … so we showed him a lolly and told him that if he wanted it he needed to walk down the isle with Hailey. And believe it or not … it worked! We went through it 2 times with the lolly hiding down at the front, and both times he did great. So … then on Saturday we did the same thing (and made sure it was an extra special lolly!) and much to my amazement (and many people seated in the pews!) he walked down with Hailey looking quite handsome in his suit. Hailey of course looked completely adorable too in her beautiful dress and with her hair up and curled (I’ll post pics at some point!). Most people had no idea that when he got up front he went to the special place we had showed him and picked up a lolly! During the recessional he still had the lolly in his mouth, so they all saw it then but figured we were just entertaining him during the service with it … they laughed when we said it was hidden for him to find after walking down the isle! Much to my amazement, Justin even sat and cooperated for pictures … so all in all we were quite proud of both him and Hailey for doing such a great job. I got a few pictures before hand of them while we were getting ready, but with being in it myself and trying to take care of the kids I didn’t get too many, so I’m waiting on others to get me some pictures … so it might be a little until I can get some pictures during the ceremony posted … but I’ll get them up as soon as I can!

The things for our basement ceiling came in last week, so Brian went and picked up all of that and now it is all sitting in the basement waiting to be put up (might be a little until he actually gets to it!). So that will make the basement look a lot more finished (and then maybe Justin will stop pulling the installation out by the steps!).

Justin had another check up for his tooth today … the Dr. said things looks great, everything considered. Although his tooth is changing color, everything else is in tact and there isn’t any mobility with the tooth which is great. So that was a good check up … of course he had to go and fall down the cement steps smack on his face on the way out … so now he has a bloody lip and his nose and the area above his mouth and below his nose is all scraped and bloody. At least he looked decent for this past weekend’s wedding! I didn’t get a chance to unload the pics on my camera yet … but when I do I’ll give you an updated picture of him with his beat up face! But hey, look at the bright side … at least he didn’t hit his tooth again!


One thought on “>Two Down … One to Go …

  1. >Oh, Justin…you are ALL boy!!So sorry to see your banged up face, but I will hope that it is preparing you to “show yourself a man” in the days ahead! If being tough is part of being masculine you are off to a great start 🙂 You sure looked handsome in that suit. And Hailey, my dear, I have some sweet pictures that I will send to your mother. Even though they were taken once you got home, you still look so pretty in your special dress and with your hair pinned up. You did such a good job walking with your little brother and honoring your parents in following their directions..way to go! It’s a joy seeing you choose wisdom…keep up the good work! Love, kisses and hugs, Mimi

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