>A Day Off!

>I am pretty excited for tomorrow … my wonderful husband is taking the day off work to be home with the kiddos and give me a “day off!” This means that I get to do anything I want! All without the 3 little ones! And well that is pretty exciting for me. So what might I have planned for this day you wonder … well one of my hobbies and something I love to do but don’t get much time for (wonder why …) is to scrapbook. So I’m heading to a friends house (both she and her husband work full time so there is nobody home during the day) to set up my things and scrapbook away all day. I’m currently working on getting Hailey’s book up to date so that I can then start Sydney’s book! Funny how with each child we have I have fewer pics for their albums … I guess that’s just a testimony to busyness and each season of life. I remember joking with my Mom about that … being child #3 I didn’t have as many albums from when I was little as Ryan and Jared (like Hailey, Ryan had the most being the oldest!). But I suppose like Mother, like daughter (I am more than happy to follow in her footsteps!). But anyway … it should be a very fun day for me and hopefully a very productive day in my scrapbooking world!

The kids are all keeping me plenty busy but doing great. Hailey loves to swim (with floaties!) … she doesn’t care how cold the water is, she just loves to be in the water swimming! Justin on the other hand would rather play in a sprinkler or on the steps of a pool, not really IN the pool! Which for the most part works out alright, but I’m hoping next year he warms up to the pool a little more and enjoys being in the water. Justin had an evaluation for his speech (or lack there of)/education through our county’s early intervention program and will begin having some education and speech help in a couple weeks. His weaknesses include cognitive development (thinking, problem solving, play skills) and communication development (understanding and expressing wants, needs and ideas) … so they are going to come weekly for education and monthly for speech. It seems like Justin does a good job of trying to repeat words, however he doesn’t initiate speech very much. So we’re hoping this serve him and cut back on his frustrations. Sydney is a very happy baby which continues to be a very big blessing. She loves to just lay and play and is very close to being able to sit all by herself. I don’t practice with her too much since we have hard wood floors, but she can sit in the boppy without help, and without the boppy pillow for short periods of time. she moves around the living room at a very slow rate by sliding on her back. She loves to laugh at Hailey and Justin too!

Brian and I have been preparing for Vacation Bible School since we’re heading up the recreation time slot … so we get each age group for a 1/2 hour to do all kinds of fun things (we’re mainly doing relays with them). This is the first year our church is doing VBS and we have about 75-80 kids signed up total, so it should be a lot of fun. It’s going on from July 31-August 4 so we’re looking forward to serving with the children.

I hope to have pics from the wedding that the kids were in soon … I do have some of Brian and I, but since I know you really want to see the kids, I was waiting to post those until I have ones of the kids too!

Hopefully everyone is staying cool during this heat wave! I know we’re thankful for our AC!


5 thoughts on “>A Day Off!

  1. >I’m sure you will have a productive day scrapbooking, Sarah..how kind of Brian to give you a day off! As far as the baby pictures, I truly am sorry I did not take as many of you!! One thing I did notice, though, is that I have tons of you and Brian together, especially during your courtship, engagement and showers – maybe since you were the first one married,your beautiful love story pictures make up for the lack of baby pictures of you?! And I have a feeling I probably have more of Hailey (our first grandchild!) than I will of any other grandchild….not that I am trying to make it up to you! Guess it’s just the way it goes with the “firsts”! It’s good we can all laugh about it now! Have fun cropping! Love ya!

  2. >Oh how nice! I need a scrapbooking day too. I am so far behind and have so many things I want to scrapbook! We’ve been spending our summer vacationing every chance we get so I will probably have to wait until things slow down a bit. Take care!

  3. >Oh how nice! I need a scrapbooking day too. I am so far behind and have so many things I want to scrapbook! We’ve been spending our summer vacationing every chance we get so I will probably have to wait until things slow down a bit. Take care!

  4. >Sarah,A day away by yourself…how refreshing and fun, and it sounds like you have so many good memories and good pictures to surround yourself with during your day away. I bet you could use a day like this more often, but what a blessing when it comes. Enjoy your VBS experience! Merv & I taught the Jr. Highers at our VBS and had a great experience with that. We had 16 kids each night for 2 hours at the park near our home. We did everything from lesson to recreation to crafting. Someone else led singing and brought snack. Each evening went so fast and then the last night Mark & Karen & Brendan were here, so we had such a great week. Thanks for all your updates; I greatly appreciate the time you take to do it–It’s such fun!!!Enjoy your busy week with VBS,Jan

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