>Locked Doors, Tea Bags, Crazy Hair and Packing …

>While Brian’s family was here over the past weekend his Dad framed out the pantry closet downstairs, but the doors aren’t up yet … I’m looking forward to having doors … doors that can be locked! That way Hailey and Justin won’t be able to clear off my shelves and play grocery store like they did this morning. We do now have a door with a lock into the unfinished section (Daddy’s area) so hopefully that will keep Justin from getting into too much trouble down there … no more drilling our basement floor with Daddy’s drill and ruining his drill bits!

Sydney is still all over the place and trying to keep up with her big sister and brother! And she still likes to get into all kinds of things … she’s a sneaky quiet little girlie. One of her favorite things to do is crawl over to the kitchen and get my basket with tea bags …

Today Hailey decided to do her hair all by herself … she’s very creative!

Tomorrow the kiddos and me head to Grandma’s house to make applesauce! The kids love it and eat it year round. It’s perfect timing since I only have about 8 containers left in my freezer. Then on Friday after work Brian’s going to come and join us in Lancaster since on Saturday we have a wedding to go to in Harrisburg. The kids are going to stay with Brian’s family while we go to that. It’s great having his parents and his brother’s families live right across the street from each other … makes visiting the whole family very convenient. Well, time to get back to packing!


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