>This past weekend on Friday and Saturday I went on a NYC trip with a group of ladies primarily from my parents church. In our little group was Mom, Meghan, myself and a dear friend, Allie Remsnyder. We had beautiful weather with blue skies both days (although Saturday was a little chilly!). We met early Friday morning and then headed to the city. On Friday we were dropped off in the South Street area so we spent time walking around Battery park then taking a ferry ride to visit the Statue of Liberty. After that we headed over to see St. Paul’s Church and Ground Zero. We also walked around the mall and through some shops in the area before heading back on the bus for a ride to our hotel.

Then on Saturday morning we had the option of being dropped at the MET or near Rockefeller center … we decided to take the drop near Rockefeller center and walk around for the day. We started our day out with a stop at a Starbucks, then headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We stopped at Trump Tower (mainly to find a restroom!), then headed over to FAO Schwarz and wandered around the 3 stories for quite awhile! It was fun getting to see a couple of employees do a show on the famous BIG piano. They were running and dancing all over it to play 4 songs for us! After having lots of fun in the toy store, Meg departed to meet her brother for lunch, so Mom, Allie and I headed over to Central Park to walk around for awhile. We saw the carriage rides and skating rink and mainly just spent time taking pictures and walking around. Then we headed towards the Rockefeller center for lunch since after lunch we were meeting everyone at the Broadhurst Theatre to see Les Miserables. After making our way through Times Square, we met up with everyone (about 55 ladies total) at the theatre and saw the wonderful production of Les Miz. It was my first time seeing any kind of brodaway show, so it was very enjoyable for me! Actually, it was really my first time walking around NYC so that was a blast for me to see everything we saw in those 2 days! We got back in pretty good time Sat. night and I was back at my house by 10:45 or so.

My wonderful hubby did a great job manning the house (and 3 little kiddos!) while I was away on Friday and Saturday. He was about as excited as I was about me getting away for a couple days … what a sweetie!

Here are pics from our trip!

A view from Lady Liberty

Original torch

St. Paul’s Church

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The girls – Allie, Mom, me and Meg

Meg and I with lego Santa

Central Park


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