>Resources for the New Year

>Over on the ESV Blog, they have a place to sign up for daily devotionals and reading plans. These are especially helpful if you are interested in reading through the Bible in a year … it daily delivers the portion of scripture to read and/or listen to through e-mail. I enjoy the ESV site when I want to listen to a certain text.

Another one of my favorite resources that I often use in my devotions is Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening. There are different versions out there (I currently have the NIV version and haven’t justified buying the ESV version yet!). However, if you don’t own this book and are still interested in reading these morning and evening devotionals, you can go here to view them.

I currently use D.A. Carson’s For the Love of God volumes to accompany my reading through the bible plan. Since this reading plan is based on Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s plan it is a pretty aggressive approach to reading through the bible (it takes you through the Psalms and New Testament twice and the Old Testament once through the course of a year). I have modified it this year so that it will get me through all of that in two years instead of one. The way this plan works is that you read from 4 different books of the bible at a time (or in my case, just 2 each day). In For the Love of God Volume 1 D.A. Carson comments on 1 of the first 2 assigned texts to read, and in Volume 2 he comments on 1 of the last 2 assigned texts. So for the first year I’ll be reading the first 2 texts assigned for each day along with volume 1, then next year I’ll read the last 2 texts along with volume 2. Although I own these books, I also receive the daily commentary through e-mail. If you’re interested in receiving this, all you have to do is send a blank e-mail to this address: christwaymedia-join@associate.com. They alternate volumes 1 and 2 every other year … this year you will receive D.A. Carson’s commentaries from volume 1.

Lastly, I highly recommend The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions as I have often benefited from these short prayers.


One thought on “>Resources for the New Year

  1. >What a great way to encourage us all to be treasuring the WORD. Thanks Sarah for your wealth of ideas. Keep it up girl…I’m so proud of you.Love,Mom Herr

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