>The Shark


One of my favorite Christmas presents (thanks Dad and Mom!) has been put to very good use pretty much every day … ok so actually multiple times every day! I received the Shark! It’s a super lightweight (under 5 lbs.) cordless rechargeable sweeper. It has been great being able to sweep with it after every meal since my kiddos often leave the floor covered with a bit of “leftovers!” Sydney loves to chase it and with the adjustable handle it’s perfect for Hailey to be my helper! Although it doesn’t replace mopping the floors (only a good mopping gets spilled milk and yogurt off the floor!) it has replaced my many sweepings with a broom and dustpan and for that I am grateful!

In other news around the Herr house I’ve officially removed the window candle from Justin’s room. Until next year! Maybe his fascination with bulbs will have decreased by then. Justin’s cut is healing pretty well … he has a bunch of glue stuck in his eyebrow that I have no idea how to get out without pulling out his eyebrow hairs so for now it’s just staying in.

The girls are both doing well … Sydney takes a few steps every once in awhile, but she’s still more content to crawl and cruise all over the place. Hailey’s favorite thing these days is to listen to books on CD for hours at a time … especially Curious George ones.

Volleyball season has started this week for the church team that Brian is on although he missed his first game last night due to being in Alabama on a business trip. He flies into Philly later tonight.

And for me … I’m greatly looking forward to my annual scrapbooking retreat that takes place later this month!


3 thoughts on “>The Shark

  1. >Glad you are enjoying the Shark, Sarah; glad we can help make a bit of your work a bit easier, since you work so hard with your growing family. You’re a great wife, mother and homemaker šŸ™‚ I’m sure Justin will be able to handle that window candle just fine next year….I wonder about Sydney though!! Love ya – Mom

  2. >Well, it sounds like you are nice and busy, but hey what is new????…haha:) Remind me to give you that letter thingy when you are here next weekend for your scrapbooking weekend. I will have to get it out of the box and make sure everything works :)Love ya,Krista

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