>A Looney Mommy

>About a half hour ago the kiddos and I set out to run a couple of errands … the post office and the church office. Hailey and Justin had a bit of a rough morning since they were having a hard time obeying by cleaning up the basement where they had made a mess. Needless to say … it was a bit crazy trying to get jackets on and out the door. Not that I’m trying to defend my looneyness or anything! Anyway, we were down the road about a mile when I realized that I had my slippers on … ops! I laughed and kept driving. Thankfully I was just driving through at the post office to drop off outgoing mail … and I figured no one would notice at my quick stop to the church office. After we got home and were walking inside Hailey said to me “oh no, Mommy … you have your slippers on.” I responded with “yes, I know.” She followed up with “why did you wear your slippers outside, that’s silly.” And all I had to say is “well babe, Mommy’s a little looney.”


3 thoughts on “>A Looney Mommy

  1. >Oh, my dear daughter, you’re way too young to be doing things like that!! You really gave me a good laugh – I can just imagine Hailey asking you why you had them on outside, too! Well, you may be a little looney…just wait till you are my age…if you are anything like your mother, you might be a lot looney :)love ya, “loonieness” and all!

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