>Shout, Make-up, Hair Spray and Some Random Thoughts …

>Things have been fun and exciting around the Herr house as usual … recently after putting the kids to bed Brian went downstairs to discover that Justin and Hailey had sprayed an entire bottle of Shout all over the place. They got the wall, some furniture, some pillows, their train table, the floor, random toys …. you get the idea. They have a knack for making messes that are tough to clean up … Shout is a bit on the greasy side. So we spent a nice romantic evening cleaning up together … and I think the basement has returned to its normal smell and no longer smells like laundry stain remover!

I think Hailey is being inspired by Justin because lately she’s been a bit on the mischievous side … while getting chapstick back in my room she also decided to put on some blush, eye liner and lipstick, and as well to hairspray half of her head and the back of Justin’s head ….

In other news around the house, Sydney has 2 of her 1 year molars … a 3rd is getting ready to cut through. She walks around the house with something in her mouth pretty much all day. She’s still having some middle of the night and early morning parties in her crib and gets quite loud at times, but thankfully Hailey sleeps through it all. She is our most talkative baby … she loves to babble and talk and we’re actually able to make out some of what she’s saying like thank-you and bye-bye. Still no Ma-ma though! Today her teether choice was one of Hailey’s bracelets …

Justin wacked his head while getting into the tub last night, so now he has a little cut in the crease of his eye (the same one that his scar is over top of … which is healing pretty nicely) … but being a tough boy he was back in the tub for a second try after a minute of crying and a little TLC! Here’s my tough little guy (he had just woken up from his nap, thus the serious expression) …

Since we got snow last week, my Mom came this week instead (and she’s coming next week … 2 in a row … yippie!) and as always it was a joy to have her here with us. This morning I was able to run out for a little while without the kiddos to get some things done and as well stop in to visit Connie and the girlies. It was fun getting to catch up with Connie and hold the girls. Connie’s doing a great job at being a first time Mommy of 2! It’s wonderful to see her fall into her role as a Mommy and thrive at caring for her babies. Here are recent pics of Libby and Maddy:

Libby …
Maddy …

And finally a prayer from a Puritan …
O Lord God,
Teach me to know that grace precedes, accompanies, and follows my salvation, that it sustains the redeemed soul, that not one link of its chain can ever break.
From Calvary’s cross wave upon wave of grace reaches me, deals with my sin, washes me clean, renews my heart, strengthens my will, draws out my affection, kindles a flame in my soul, rules throughout my inner man, consecrates my every thought, word and work; teaches me thy immeasurable love.
How great are my privileges in Christ Jesus! …
Praise be to thee for grace, and for the unspeakable gift of Jesus.
The Valley of Vision


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