>The Cabin and a BIG Thank You!

>Brian and I had a great time away at a cabin up near the Poconos Friday night and Saturday. We went with 3 couples from church who we spend time with and had wonderful times of fellowship, playing games, sitting around the fire and just relaxing. It was a nice little getaway for us.
However, none of it would have been possible without my wonderful Mom (and Dad … but he wasn’t up during the night every hour with our sick kiddos!) who took our kiddos and kept them until today even when Justin and Sydney came down with really bad coughs over the weekend. One night Sydney was up every hour, and the next it was Justin’s turn. She joyfully served us and as well cared for our little ones with much TLC! So thanks Mom … we love you … and so do the kiddos (and tonight I’ll take over for you getting up during the night so you can get a solid night’s sleep)!

Here are a couple of group shots at the cabin …
The guys … Nate, Jon, Ian and Brian
The girls … Shawna, Alana, Ashley and me


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