>Spring has Sprung and Party Time!

>The kiddos love the outdoors. We’re hoping that spring really is springing and that we’ve seen the last of this …

On Sunday, we headed to Harrisburg to celebrate Justin’s 3rd birthday and Matt’s (my little bro) 15th birthday! The whole family was able to make it to my parents place as well as both grandparents so it was a blast! We even managed to get some family pics …

The Mellinger clan …

With the grandparents …

The birthday boys …

Justin blowing out his candles …

And just for fun since she’s got such a sweet little face …

My parents kept the kiddos on Sunday at their place and then my Mom brought them back Tuesday afternoon … what a blessing! I was able to get so many things done and get some much appreciated restful nights of sleep. Thanks Mom for once again looking for ways to bless me and our family by sacrificing your time and energy (and I know our kiddos require much of both!). We are blessed to be surrounded by family (both sides!) who constantly look to serve us!


One thought on “>Spring has Sprung and Party Time!

  1. >Wow Sarah! The family photos really turned out great. How nice to have them! Looks like you all had a great time. It has warmed up here in NY as well. Oh, I am also hoping that the snowy season has come to an end. I love the 4 seasons, but I’ve had enough of winter now!! Your looking so big Justin. Happy 3rd Birthday to you!!

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