>Seeds and a little more Sweetness

> I recently discovered an excellent resource for the kiddos (and me!). Seeds Family Worship has a line of CD’s entitled Praise, Faith, Purpose and Courage which are all full of scripture put into song. Although our kiddos do not fully grasp the meaning of these songs yet, what a wonderful way to fill their hearts and minds with the Word of God! You can listen to samples of each seed song to see why I think this is such a great resource for not only the kiddos, but myself as well since I’m aware that I need to be filling my mind with God’s word daily too!

And just in case yesterday’s pic wasn’t enough of sweetness for Mimi and Grandma, here’s another one!


3 thoughts on “>Seeds and a little more Sweetness

  1. >Oh my word that picture is too cute. Can you send it to me? I think it would look really good in black and white, and then I can blow it up and put it on our black and white photo wall!!!!Love ya,Krista

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