>This one is for you, Gramps!

>For those unaware, my Mom and little brother Matt are going to Africa for about 3 months from mid-June to mid-September. My Dad will be joining them for the last month or so. They are going over to spend time with my Pop-pop and Nana (my Mom’s parents) who were missionaries in Africa for many years, and who are going over again from June-October this year. My Mom has always wanted to visit my Nana’s dear friends and it seems like this is the perfect opportunity. As I mentioned, my Dad is only joining them for the last month of the trip, and will therefore be home alone for 2 months (but don’t worry Dad, we’ll all pitch in to make sure you survive Mom being away!). Hailey has been talking a lot recently about Mimi being away and earlier we had a conversation that went something like this …

Hailey – Mommy, did you know that Mimi is going to go away to Africa for a long time?
Me – Yes, we’re going to miss her.
Hailey – But Mommy, Gramps can’t go for a long time, just for a little because he has to work. I think Gramps is going to miss Mimi.
Me – You’re right , I’m sure he will be happy to go and visit her.
Hailey – Mommy, I know! Since Mimi is going to be away and Gramps will be home, maybe Gramps can come and watch us so that you and Daddy can have a date night!
Me – That’s a great idea, Tootser! I’ll have to tell Gramps about it!

So, Dad … according to Hailey, you’re supposed to fill in for Mom and come visit us twice a month while she’s away so we can have our date nights! I guess that means you won’t be saving all that money on gas after all!


One thought on “>This one is for you, Gramps!

  1. >I know this was for Gramps, but Mimi had to shed a few tears (along with laughter!) while reading it – thanks, my daughter; that was so dear 🙂 Your little girl sure is growing up! Hailey, I think that is a wonderful idea you had :)I’m sure more tears will be shed along the way….many of which will come as I think of my precious family whom I will miss DEARLY!

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