>Blossoming Cherry Tree, Baby Birds and Ducks

>I love the trees that we have on our property, but by far my favorite is the blossoming cherry tree out front. Every spring beautiful pink blossoms cover the tree, and although they don’t stay on for long I look forward to it blooming every year! Just this week it has started blooming, and although it’s not quite at its peak bloom yet, here are some pics of my favorite tree …

Hailey discovered a nest recently in the bush right outside the kitchen window out back … so we’ve been trying to watch for baby birds. Just today we saw at least 3 baby birds in the nest! There’s a nice place that is bare in the bush where you can see in, so I was able to take some pics … the second one shows one of the baby birds with its mouth wide open!

And about the ducks … a little bit ago Justin was outside playing (Hailey was in for a potty break) and all of the sudden I heard him start screaming and yelling … he was going crazy. So I go outside to ask him what’s wrong … and right away I knew what it was. About 7 ducks had meandored their way into our yard. Justin was screaming ‘Mommy … look at the ducks … I don’t like the ducks!’ It was actually rather humorous! I think he was especially scared because in the pack there were about 6 males and only 1 female and they were all attacking (for lack of a better word) the female … maybe Justin thought they were coming after him next! There is often a couple of ducks out back this time of the year (they hang out by the little stream out back) … but it’s rare that we see that many at one time. I of course took some pics at the request of the kiddos …

So there you have it … a blooming cherry tree, some baby birds and ducks … the excitement from the Herr household for the day! I know, it’s almost too much to handle in one day!


One thought on “>Blossoming Cherry Tree, Baby Birds and Ducks

  1. >Oh, the wonders of beautiful spring! I’m looking forward to coming next week and enjoying this lovely season with you all 🙂 God’s glory sure is seen in his marvelous creation!love you all – Mimi

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