>Outer Banks – May 2007


Here are pics from our time in the OBX with Brian’s family …

The whole gang

Jockey’s Ridge
Me with our girls
Me with buddy boyMe with tootser
Me with our girlie

Hailey and Justin keeping warm Fun in the tub with bubbles

Kambell and Hailey being silly

Sydney enjoying the sun

Lounging in Mommy’s chair

Hailey and Kambell sporting their sunglasses

Krista captured this one!

Cousins and friends

Sibling loveOur handsome boy

Derek, Justin, Easton and Dad

Krista and Alayna

The kiddos loved playing on the beach

Mom and Justin

Brian and me


One thought on “>Outer Banks – May 2007

  1. >Wow! Those are GREAT pictures! What a good looking gang! I will definitely have to print some of those and take them to Africa with me…they will make me smile when I am missing my family :)Love ya – Mom

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