>Silly Boy …

This morning I was asking the kiddos what they would like to eat for breakfast. I had made baked oatmeal a few days ago, and Justin has been eating that every morning recently. Anyone who knows Justin knows how much he LOVES baked oatmeal. He can down 2-3 bowls every morning!

Anyway, he ate the last of it yesterday, so when he asked for it this morning I told him it was all gone. He started crying and said to me, “But Mommy, baked oatmeal is my favorite color.” I started laughing and said “you mean, baked oatmel is your favorite thing for breakfast?” To which he said, “yes, baked oatmeal is my favorite color.” He and Hailey obviously talk a lot of about their favorite colors with each other! Eventually he was laughing with me and agreed that he is my silly boy. And then he settled on a bowl of hot oatmeal instead of baked oatmeal.


3 thoughts on “>Silly Boy …

  1. >Another fun, cute, loveable story in the Herr household:) Great pic!I noticed only 2 days till Mimi, Gramps, Matt return!! How exciting. Thanks for all you did to keep them connected with family and friends; we really appreciated it and will be thinking of them as they return home and re-group to life in the states. Love,Aunt Jan

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