>Quotable Kiddos

>The things kiddos say …. a recent conversation between Hailey and Justin …

Hailey: Justin, do you want the red bowl, yellow bowl or green bowl?
Justin: I want the purple bowl.
Hailey: Purple is not one of the options because Mommy didn’t get a purple bowl out. You can have red, yellow or green.
Justin: But I want purple. (whining)
Hailey: Justin, do we always get what we want?
Justin: Yes. (with a nice little smirk)
Hailey: No we don’t, and we need to be joyful in all things even when we don’t get what we want. (in her best Mommy imitation voice)

During this conversation I was in the kitchen trying not to laugh at my soon to be 5 year old daughter. At least I know she hears what I’m saying … some of the time anyway! It was a reminder to me of the influence that I have on my children … they are constantly hearing me, watching me and imitating me … what a humbling thought.

And a couple of pics …
Justin came walking out like this the other day … he had obviously just gone potty shortly before putting on his rain boots … the shirt tucked into his underwear is a nice look!

And my pajama girlies …


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