>Been Busy ….

Packing for vacation, going on vacation for a week to the Poconos with my family (where my wonderful hubby turned 30!) and then unpacking from vacation … I have yet to go through all of my pics, but hopefully next week there will be a post with some pics from vacation! The pic above is the cabin we stayed in … it was on a beautiful 3 acres of land with streams and wooden bridges.

In other news around the Herr house … over the weekend I painted Sydney’s bed, so we decided to take down the crib and declare her a big girl! She’s done great the past couple of nights … she quickly learned that getting out of bed and walking out into the living room wasn’t such a great idea. We also kicked the bottle before bedtime (the only one she was still getting) … we figured doing it at the same time as transitioning to a big girl bed would be good … so she only gets her milk out of a cup now (the little she drinks out of a cup that is). This is the first time that we haven’t transitioned one kiddo to a bed to use the crib for a new baby … this time the crib went up to the attic. Here is a pic of our big girl who loves her big girl bed!

I’ve also been busy trying to organize things in the basement … we’re in the midst of changing some things around in our living room since we just bought a couple of sofas. We’re moving the entertainment center with the TV downstairs (as well as the sofa and chair that are currently up here … for being over 30 years old they’ve been good to us!), then putting the sofas, coffee table, end tables and some bookshelves here in the living room. Needless to say, I’ve had plenty of things to do in addition to my duties as a wife, mother and homemaker that haven’t left much time for blogging recently!

Tomorrow the kiddos and I head to Lancaster to do applesauce with Grandma (Mom Herr)! I’m looking forward to returning with lots of applesauce to put in my freezer.

Hopefully I’ll get some vacation pics up soon … thanks for your patience with my lack of blogging!


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