>O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

>This past weekend we headed out to chop down our Christmas tree … we thought we’d try something new and cut down our tree this year! The kiddos had a blast even though it was freezing cold and it will be a fun tradition to carry on in the future. Some friends of ours recommended a great place that takes you out on a horse drawn wagon, then you pick out your tree, cut it down and get a ride back to pick up your tree after they get it ready for you. They also had free hot chocolate and cider which was a nice treat to warm us up. Another highlight for Hailey and Justin (Sydney was too cold and tired to care about much of anything … but she did love the horses!) was getting to ride on some huge tractors they had. Later in the day we put on some Christmas music and got the tree up, then I put the lights on and Hailey and Justin were our big helpers with getting it decorated! Sydney woke up from her nap in time to see the finished project (which is probably for the best)!

Walking and looking for the perfect tree … Found it! Daddy cutting it down …
Down it goes!
Brian and the kiddos …
Justin riding a tractor …
Sydney freezing cold …
Justin saying ‘cheese’ while riding another tractor …
Hailey’s turn to ride …

And just for fun … the other day I left the dining room for a minute while the kiddos were eating lunch … a few minutes later Hailey and Justin are calling for me saying, ‘umm, Mommy … Sydney made a really really really big mess with her applesauce’ … indeed she did! Let’s just say she got a tubbie before her nap that day!


3 thoughts on “>O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

  1. >How come there are not pictures of the completed product? I thought that was your favorite part?And where are the pictures of you cutting down the tree?To the memory !!!!

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