>Christmas Eve

>This year Hailey was old enough to participate in the children’s Christmas Eve choir that performs at the Christmas Eve Service at church. She was so excited to be a part of this and had a blast! She was a joy to watch (and gave us a good laugh)!

Here’s a pic of the choir (Hailey is in the front row second from the left) …

And a couple of videos to capture our girl …


We also continued another fun tradition in the Herr family … the kiddos got to open one present when we got back from the service. We get them new winter/holiday pj’s, wrap them up (after I wash them of course!), let them open them up and then they wear them to bed and on Christmas morning while opening up their presents. They were so excited to see their new pajamas! I’m sure as they get older they will expect to open up pj’s every Christmas Eve, but at this point they are still as surprised and happy as can be which is fun too!

Here’s our kiddos in their soft and comfty pj’s …


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