>Quote of the Day

>I have been reading Jerry Bridges book Respectable Sins. In his chapter on Impatience and Irritability I came across this quote which explains the cause of our impatience …

The actual cause of our impatience lies within our own hearts, in our own attitude of insisting that others around us conform to our expectations.

How very true in my own life … I can too often make excuses for my sin in dealing with my impatience because of how I am being treated. When I think of moments when I am most tempted towards impatience, it is just that … times when those around me (often my kiddos) are not meeting my expectations. How thankful I am that God does not deal with me how I deserve, but rather in love by extending grace and mercy. I pray that I would be slow to speak and that when I do speak I would abound in love, patience, gentlenss and kindness!


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