>UNO with Daddy … and a date night!

>One of the kiddos favorite games to play right now is UNO. Hailey and Justin will often play together and sometimes we all play together. The other day Brian was playing with the kiddos … well with Hailey and Justin … they gave Sydney cards so she could pretend that she is playing too. She lays her cards whenever she feels like it and is really good at saying “UNO!” Anyway, it’s so sweet the way that Hailey and Justin want to be like their Daddy. Brian was wearing a hat, so they went and got their hats. And they hold their cards just like he does. I love watching the way they try to be like their Daddy.

Thanks to my Mom, last night Brian and I were able to get out on a date. We decided to try something new and go to a small movie theater called The Grand Theater. It is a restored independently owned theater that shows movies for about half the price of a typical theater. National Treasure: Book of Secrets is currently showing there, so we thought we’d check it out. Anyway … we drove out to East Greensville and arrived just in time. One small problem … they only take cash and we only had $5 (it’s a cheap theater, but not quite that cheap for 2 tickets!). We asked if they take checks and he said yes … so I opened up our checkbook to write a check … small problem #2 … I had written the last check at church and didn’t put a new book of checks in yet! Ops. At this point we were thinking forget it … then we were told there is a mac machine right down the road … so Brian ran to get some cash. Small problem #3 … for some reason it wouldn’t take his card. After that we were completely out of options and decided to forget it! I think the guy at the ticket booth thought we were a little crazy.

So this led to small problem #4 … we really had no idea where we were since we’d never been there before, and based on what we passed to get there (some trees, a couple of banks, some more trees, etc.) … we were sitting in the van wondering what exactly we should do for our date night! So we decided to go for a little drive … and just in case anyone is wondering the only thing we found was a Wal-Mart (at least the only thing that was open at 7:20 on a Sunday night!).

However, upon investing a little further we discovered a Dunkin’ Donuts! Since we love their coffee, we decided to just sit inside and have some coffee. We had a great time hanging out talking with each other and it ended up being a great date night. And if we ever decide to go to East Greensville again, at least we know where to find a good cup of coffee!


One thought on “>UNO with Daddy … and a date night!

  1. >That’s too funny. Well, it sounds like you had a great date night despite not being able to see the movie. You were right in our area…and even if you looked harder, there’s not much more besides the Walmart and the Dunkin’ Donuts. If you ever do get a chance to go back to that theater, it is really cute! They often have some great matinees for children too.

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