In case anyone is wondering, we are alive! And I’m even full of faith that the temporary “survival mode” season of life that I’ve been living in is decreasing. Most of you are probably aware that this pregnancy has been unlike all of the others I’ve had in that I have been feeling quite sick around the clock for the past 6 weeks. I’ve had to completely re-evaluate my priorities to make sure that the necessities happen … you know, things like making sure the kiddos eat breakfast, lunch and dinner … have clothes to wear (although they do love pajama days!) … and well that’s about it! To be completely honest, I haven’t been able to do much of anything until this past week. Let’s just say the kiddos have been enjoying Mommy reading from the sofa, Mothering from the sofa and giving lots of TLC from the sofa (if I could’ve made their meals from the sofa I probably would have).

One night after dinner while we were waiting for everyone in our caregroup to arrive, I happened to be sitting on the sofa. Hailey kindly said to me, “Mommy, why are you sitting on the sofa instead of laying?” It gave Brian and I a good laugh … to which I said “that pretty much sums up how the kiddos think of me these days.”

But in all seriousness, as I have sought to walk this season of life in joy amidst somewhat difficult circumstances I have often meditated on all that I have to be grateful for … here are some of those things …

~My love … Brian has gone above and beyond in serving me by doing everything and anything … on top of working hard all week, he comes home in the evenings full of joy in anticipation for the ways he can serve me each and every night. And on the weekends he has been Super Dad entertaining the kiddos so I can rest, doing laundry, meal prep, dishes, cleaning … all of the things that I typically stay on top of during the week.

~My Mom … my Mom has gone out of her way to make sure that I am surviving each week. On top of her already busy schedule, she has come to pick up the kiddos on more than once occasion and take them back to their place for a few days. But of course before she leaves with the kiddos, she makes sure to bring me dinner, get my wash caught up and clean my bathroom … all while have my 3 little kiddos follow her around! Let’s just say they’ve seen so much of Mimi over the past month that it isn’t rare to hear my own kiddos calling me Mimi!

~My Mother-in-law … although in a very busy season where their schedule is full, she has also managed to make a trip to our place and bring with her enough food to last us a few nights. She also regularly checks in on me to see how I’m feeling and encourage me for which I am grateful!

~My Sis-in-law … Brian’s sister, Krista spent almost her entire spring break here at my place while Brian was in FL for a week on business. Not only did the kiddos love having her here, but it served me tremendously as the days are a bit longer when Daddy isn’t around.

~Our Church/Caregroup … as soon as word got out that I was living in survival mode we have been surrounded by the care of our friends. By helping out with the kiddos, babysitting, bringing meals … so many have blessed us time and time again to make this season a bit easier for us.

~Sickness … even though I do pray that one of these days the sickness vanishes, I am aware that feeling sick while pregnant is typically a good sign that all is well with the little one. Since we got pregnant right after we miscarried, I knew that it might be a temptation to worry and become anxious about the baby. However, due to feeling sick I haven’t had much time to worry and be anxious! God has been faithful to answer my prayers and draw my attention to His goodness and trust that He has the perfect, sovereign plan for the little one growing inside me.

~Kiddos … Hailey, Justin and Sydney are so sweet. Hailey regularly asks me what she can do to be a helper … by sweeping the floors after each meal, putting laundry away, dusting, tidying up the house she is the best 5 year old helper I could ask for! They all love to give my belly (yes, I have a little belly!) kisses and ask at least once every day when the baby is coming out. We are blessed!

~I am grateful that my greatest need has already been met and that I have all I ever need …

All I Ever Need
The gospel serves as the means by which God daily constructs me into what He wants me to be and also serves as the channel through which He gives me my inheritance every day of my Christian life. Hence, it could be said that the gospel contains all that I need for life and godliness. It is for this reason that God tells me to be steadfastly entrenched in the gospel at all times and never to allow myself to be moved from there. The mere fact that God tells me to stay inside the gospel at all times must mean that he intends to supply all of my needs as long as I am abiding in that glorious location.
M. Vincent/A Gospel Primer

3 thoughts on “>Gratefulness

  1. >Oh, Sarah, you are so wise to posture your heart towards gratefulness, when temptations can be great to complain while being sick. Thanks for the godly example, and thanks for allowing me the joy of being with the kiddos more often recently – what fun!Love you all – Mom/Mimi

  2. >Thanks Sarah for your example of choosing joy in a time that could easily lead to despair. Thanks too for taking time in your own busyness to pray for me. I really appreciate it! Praying that you’ll feel better soon…Abby

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