>Yesterday while my Mom was here we took the kiddos strawberry picking! We drove down the road to our local pick-your-own berries and had a blast. Hailey, Justin and Sydney were actually all great helpers. Hailey did a great job picking good berries, Justin picked the berries I gave the OK to and was also a great box holder, and Sydney … well she did a great job making sure that each box had the perfect amount of strawberries. Instead of filling one box at a time, she liked making sure they were all filled with one at a time! And when she got tired of holding the boxes for Mimi and putting the berries in the boxes, she enjoyed eating the strawberries!

My little berry pickers …

Yummy strawberries to show for their hard work …

I decided to make some stawberry jelly to have in my freezer this year. After finding out how simple it is and knowing how yummy it tastes I figured it would be something fun for the kiddos to help with …

Here’s Miss Masher

And Mr. Measure and Pour …

… and Mr. Lid

The finished product … 12 jars of yummy strawberry preserves … if you move to a new home and have us over, you just might get a jar as a housewarming gift! It goes perfect with homemade bread …

And of course some berries to freeze for smoothies!


4 thoughts on “>Strawberries

  1. >Yummy! We are planning on picking on Friday afternoon, and making jam after that. In my opinion, there are few things better than homemade strawberry jam and bread straight from the oven. Looks like you have yourself some wonderful little helpers!

  2. >Looks like you guys had fun, but I’m not sure that I will want to see another strawberry after this week….we have them coming out of our ears.Love and miss you,~Krista~

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