>To Know … or Not to Know …

>… That is the question. We are currently trying to decide whether or not we should find out the gender of Baby Herr #4. Since my 20 week ultrasound is quickly approaching (next Tuesday), I thought I would poll my blog readers. That’s not to say that we’re letting you decide for us, I just thought it would be fun! So … check out the poll on the sidebar and cast your vote. And if you really want to get into it, you can even leave a comment saying why we should or shouldn’t.

And just for the record … we’ve always been surprised in the past.


3 thoughts on “>To Know … or Not to Know …

  1. >I’m all about preparation. If you know what it is, you can have the proper clothes out and ready (although since you’ve always been surprised maybe you have all neutral clothes). Know how you will want to rearrange rooms/kids if needed. I think it makes it easier than doing that stuff once baby is here. But surprises are fun too!

  2. >I was thinking after 3 surprises and with 3 children who are all anticipating a baby sibling too, it could be fun to know the gender this time and prepare the kiddos in that way too; Although I love surprises and that could be fun for your family as well. Interesting question~~the poll idea was fun.Aunt Jan

  3. >Sarah,I say be surprised. For me there was nothing like the anticipation in the delivery room to find out if Jen and I were having a boy or girl. I am thrilled with the two boys we have (Ryan and Max), and I loved the excitement finding out what sex each one would be. John

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