>Happy Dad’s Day!

>I am so thankful for the Dads in my life. I can’t imagine my life without them!

My favorite Dad is of course my wonderful husband … what a blessed wife I am to have Brian not only as my husband, but also as the father of our kiddos. I have only fallen more in love with this man as I have watched him be a Daddy 3 times over (soon to be 4!). The way he tirelessly lays down his life for us is to be commended and I love opportunities to point out evidences of grace in his life. Brian has done a wonderful job at leading us, and as well has gone above and beyond in serving me. The ways he serves me only increases over the years, and has been especially evident in these recent months of walking through the miscarriage and sickness during this pregnancy. Thanks love, for the countless ways you sacrifice for me and the kiddos. I am so thankful that I get to grow old with you and raise our little blessings together with you!

And then there is my Dad … known as Gramps to the kiddos. Dad, I love the relationship we share and am always thankful for any time I get with you. You are quick to encourage me as a wife and mother, and often take the time to draw me out. I am so grateful to you for the ways that you serve our family, especially in releasing Mom to come and serve us twice a month. We know you are making a sacrifice to enable her to do that, and are grateful to you! Thanks also for the time that you invest with our kiddos … they love seeing you and spending time with you as well!

The other Dad I am grateful for is Brian’s Dad … known as Grandad to the kiddos. Not only did he have a part at bringing my favorite guy into the world, but he is also the best father-in-law I know! Dad, you have served us in so many ways … primarily with any and all home projects that come along our way. Thanks for sacrificing your time to serve us again and again … and doing it with joy!

I am truly blessed and thank God for these Godly men in my life.
Happy Fathers Day!


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