>68 days …

>… until my due date! Now that I’m beyond 30 wks. little girlie is going to be here before we know it. We’ve already started school, so the days have been going by very quickly … it’s hard to believe summer will be coming to an end soon. Although, considering we’re approaching my favorite season of the year, I’m not too disappointed! As we’ve had some cooler weather over the past couple of weeks I’ve started getting excited for wonderful fall days.

Here are some happenings from the past week or so ..
~On Sunday we hosted a picnic for the families of the worship team and sound teams at church … having around 80 people out back was a blast (and much better than last year since it rained right after people arrived which meant we had that many people INSIDE our house!) … we were so grateful for the beautiful weather we had!

~On Monday, Brian got stung by 20-30 bees while at a golf outing for work … good thing he isn’t allergic to them. While he was driving the golf cart (thankfully by himself at the time), he hit a branch which knocked down a bee hive and in a matter of seconds they had covered his arm and leg. He got them off as best as possible, then made a run for it … the other guys from work were wondering what was going on as he came running out flailing his arms (his previous shot wasn’t quite that good!).

~Earlier this week Sydney got her ankle/leg stuck in between the slats of a dining room chair … after trying for 20 minutes to get it out, I ended up calling Brian for help! By sending him a picture of the situation he was able to help me out. Sydney was screaming the entire time, but in the end survived with just a couple of bruises (some more to add to her ongoing collection!) … and the chair survived without needed to be sawed.

~Last night I chopped up about 20 green peppers from our garden to fill a gallon size freezer bag … I loved having them last year (from my in-laws garden) to use throughout the fall/winter … a great time and money saver!

~We’re still enjoying some olympics (although, I have to admit, I haven’t been staying up as late this week), lots of tomatoes from the garden … and having more of a schedule/routine to our days has been a blessing.

And that about sums up our week!


One thought on “>68 days …

  1. >Wow Sarah sounds like an eventful week…I can’t believe that about Brian! Sounds terrible! Anyway thanks so much again for having us over – it was great to actually connect with you in person! And thanks also for letting us borrow the books…we’ll have to set up another playdate soon and we can get them back to you! Have a great weekend!

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