>Home Sweet Home!

>We had a great time on vacation!
Here are some pics of the kiddos favorite things to do …

Building sand castles …

Go out in the waves with Daddy (we were blessed with two days of the calmest and warmest ocean water we’ve ever had!) …

Running from the crashing waves (well Hailey and Justin loved this anyway … so much that they got knocked down and thrown around a bit on more than one occasion … Sydney on the other hand was content to play in the sand and wasn’t too fond of crashing waves getting her!) …

This was Sydney’s idea of playing with the ocean water … in a bucket!

Riding bikes …

Beach buddies …

Next up will be a little story called “The biggest wave ever.” It’s a really funny story about 2 families who were at the beach with their kiddos building a sand castle when the biggest wave they have ever seen took over the entire beach!


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