>An Update of Sorts

>Lots has been going on around here … we had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with my family (Brian’s family was away in the OBX so we didn’t see them over the holiday weekend this year). It’s always a blast getting together … although it can be a bit chaotic at times having 7 kiddos ages 6 and under (with #8 on the way since my brother and his wife are expecting their 4th in July!). My other big brother and his wife graciously open their home to host us all.

Hailey has slowly been getting back into the routine of things with school. She’s had lots of opportunities to read since that’s something she can do while I’m feeding Callie, or something she can do with Justin and Sydney. She still prefers math and writing … but the more she realizes she can read the more excited she is to read different books. She also has her first loose tooth which she is very excited about. Although it has made eating certain foods tough for her (no doubt this will only increase as she looses all of her front teeth!). She also continues to be a huge help to me … making the other little ones breakfast, sweeping, dusting, unloading the dishwasher, folding wash, putting wash away, holding the baby … pretty much anything that serves me. Hailey is quick to ask what she can do to help out and I love her servants heart.

Justin is a great brother to all of his sisters … he adores Callie and is often giving her hugs and kisses. He loves playing with Hailey during the afternoon when the little girls are napping, but he has also grown in entertaining Sydney for me while I am doing school with Hailey in the morning. Their favorite thing to do right now is to build a house and train with legos or to play kitchen together. It’s sweet hearing them talk to each other and become good little buddies. He has also grown much in the recent months at being more independent and helpful around the house … he is known for being lazy at times when it comes to getting dressed, making his bed, etc. … but recently he has been accomplishing his chores on his own! He also loves to help unload the dishwasher and vacuum the floors for me.

He also says some pretty funny things these days …
~He is very intrigued when Callie eats and often asks why she has to eat from both sides of my belly! A couple weeks ago he asked me if he ate from my belly when he was a baby like Callie. I told him yes, … to which he responded, “But I don’t remember eating from your belly.”
~The other day he asked me why Daddy doesn’t live with us. A little confused, I told him that Daddy does live with us. Then he said … “I know he kinda lives with us, but I want him to live with us all the time, even during the day!” Hailey then informed him that in order to have a house to live in, clothes to wear and food to eat Daddy needs to work during the day and we need to be thankful that Daddy has a job to provide for us!
~I overheard him and Hailey having a conversation about getting married recently … Hailey kept trying to explain to Justin why he couldn’t marry her. Eventually, after asking more than a few times and Hailey’s answers not satisfying him (just because that’s the way it is and because I’m your sister weren’t cutting it for him) … eventually Hailey said, “Justin, you just can’t marry me. That’s just how God made it.” Then Justin said “How come God made it that way?” At that point Hailey was done trying to answer his questions and said “oh, nevermind!”

Sydney keeps me on my toes these days … although thankfully she has taken a break from drawing on anything and everything. Maybe she finally agrees that pencils, pens, crayons and markers are for paper only … we can hope anyway. She walks around the house singing all the time these days which is so sweet. She also talks about turning 3 soon a lot since Hailey and Justin remind her almost every day that she is going to be 3 soon. We still haven’t made much progress in convincing her that it would be fun to wear underwear instead of diapers, but we’re hoping that maybe after she turns 3 she’ll change her mind!

And Callie girl is doing great … she smiles at us all of the time, especially when talked to. She definitely likes attention and doesn’t like to be left alone in a quiet room (probably because it is a rare occasion for her to be alone in a quiet room!). For about the past week she’s been going between 7 1/2 – 8 hours at night for us which has been a huge blessing. Getting 7 straight hours of sleep is great and enables me to have lots of energy during the day, and often go without a nap. She also seems to thoroughly enjoy not pooping for 2-5 days at a time, and then go crazy and have 4 blowouts in one day. Thankfully, I’m pretty much home all of the time!

Some other things we’ve been up to include family nights of decorating a gingerbread train (we still have a house to do!) and playing games, being entertained while the kiddos put on “shows” for us, enjoying visits from Mimi and Grandma (and me loving being able to run errands during the day without any kids!) and getting our Christmas tree. Since many of those things mentioned happened while I was feeding the baby I don’t have pics to show for most of them … however, I do have some pics from our Christmas tree outing …

We headed to the local tree farm to cut down our tree even though it was freezing cold. Thankfully it wasn’t very windy, so with warm jackets, mittens and hats the kiddos were all nice and warm (the free hot chocolate and apple cider helps too after we get back from the field!). And in case you’re wondering where me and Callie are in the pics … well, I was the one taking the pics, and Callie was attached to me in the sleepy wrap (where she slept the entire time all nice and cozy warm!).

The search for the perfect tree …
We found it … Daddy cutting the tree down …
Our tree!

Buddy boy …

I’m still hoping to get a family pic of all 6 of us for our Christmas card … however, you should all probably lower your expectations now, because the chances of it actually turning out aren’t that great! But that’s life and reality … and I figure everyone would prefer to receive a not so great picture instead of no picture at all!

I have some yummy recipes to post … but that will have to wait for another day!


One thought on “>An Update of Sorts

  1. >Oh, how cute – I can just picture Justin and Hailey’s conversation about marriage! When we were together for Thanksgiving, I heard her singing “Trust and Obey” as she was getting ready for bed, and I loved it! You are truly blessed, Sarah!Love you, Mom/Mimi

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