>Happy birthday to me!
I am a very blessed 27 year old.
I have the bestest hubby ever …

and 4 cute kiddos …

On another note, I read this thought provoking article over on Al Mohler’s blog this morning.


8 thoughts on “>.27.

  1. >Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. Not only are you a blessed 27 year old, but you are a blessing to those around you. I read that same article this morning…it really is thought provoking :).

  2. >Happy birthday, Sarah. I hope you had a wonderful day enjoying all your blessings. Great picture of you and the kiddos – that’s pretty impressive to get all of them looking and smiling!

  3. >Happy birthday, my dear daughter! What a joy it was 27 years ago to have a GIRL after 2 boys! And now you have four precious little ones of your own. You were a joy to raise and I love seeing you now as a beautiful woman of God, inside and out, loving and serving your family…just what you always wanted to do 🙂 I love you, Mom

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