>A very overdue update …

>It’s been rather quiet around here on the blog.

But I actually have a valid excuse this time … we were without internet for 2 weeks. Long story short … while we were away on a mini-vacation in Lancaster with Brian’s family our DSL line got cut and it took awhile to resolve the issue. And let me just say for the record (as someone who doesn’t like to have more than 5 e-mails in her inbox) … it takes awhile to weed through 2 weeks worth of e-mails. But, I’m thankful for kind neighbors (thanks, Witters!) who let me run up and use their computer and a great hubby who brought home a laptop with a cellular modem from work for me to use on a couple of occassions … that allowed me to stay on top of things at least a little.

So back to the update …
Callie is 8 months now and keeping us all on our toes. She loves to pull books off the bookshelf, eat paper and grass (and anything else she can find), climb on anything (and then fall), swing outside and follow me around all day … she isn’t too fond of not being able to see me these days.

After doing the army crawl for about 5 weeks she decided to start creeping on her hands and knees a couple weeks ago … the good news is that she is no longer “the human mop.” I’m sure anyone who has had a kid do the army crawl with hardwood floors knows what I’m talking about … let’s just say she made me very aware of now NOT clean my floors were. While we were in Lancaster she figured out how to pull herself up to a standing position. So she gets herself into lots of trouble these days and has plenty of bruises on her head. In case anyone is wondering, she is still bald (ok, not quite bald, but pretty much!), toothless, chubby, our mouth wide open smiley girl and pretty cute! The other kiddos have been letting her in on some dress up fun recently …

This is Callie’s new favorite place to play … under the coffee table …

And this is Callie coming at the camera (and me!) … she doesn’t make it easy taking pics anymore.

I’ve gotten my fill of newborn baby holding recently!
Our good friends Jon and Alana brought their little guy, Austin home from the hospital when he was 2 weeks old …

And then on July 4th, my brother Jared and his wife Meghan welcomed their 4th kiddo into the world. I got to go visit them and meet my nephew, Isaac the following day …

As I mentioned before, we enjoyed a mini-vacation with Brian’s family in Lancaster. We had perfect weather and enjoyed swimming, bocce ball, horseshoes (the guys), hanging out, playing games after the kids went to bed and laughing a lot! The kids had a blast in the pool, on the trampoline, riding bikes, getting rides on the 4 wheeler and spending lots of time with their cousins.

The boys being goofy …

The kids swimming (minus Callie who took naps in the pop-up camper instead of swimming!) … Alayna, Hailey, Sydney, Kambell, Easton and Justin …

Kambell and Hailey had fun riding the little 4-wheeler around the trails …

When we were hanging out up at the house instead of at the pool Callie spent a lot of time trapped inside the screened-in-porch … it was the perfect room-sized playpen with plenty of room for her to roam and explore!

Our big girl!

We’ve been enjoying our summer and spending lots of time outdoors.
Now that we’re back up and running I’ll try to post a little more frequently!


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