>A tooth, my little mummies, canning and big bikes

>I know … it’s a rather random blog post title, but instead of doing a bunch of seperate posts I figured I would just put it all into one!

Callie girl finally got her first tooth over this past weekend! It just barely cut through, so you can’t see it in this picture, but I thought I’d post of picture of our happy blue eyed cutie anyway! She is still sucking away on her wrist, but thankfully since the scab fell off it doesn’t seem to be as raw, but instead is just more like a callus.
We recently learned about Early Egyptians in history, and the activity for the lesson was to wrap each other up like mummies. The kids had a blast with this one!
Our little mummies from biggest to smallest …

Brian had a last minute trip to Alabama last week and while he was away I made good use of my time by canning pears and tomato sauce. A couple of neighbors told me they had extra pears and tomatoes, and since I’m not one to turn away free food I ended up with 3 boxes of pears and 2 huge bags of tomatoes. I spent the 2 nights that he was away over the sink and stove, and then thankfully my Mom came one day to help me finish the pears! The fruit of my labor …

While Daddy was away Hailey and Justin decided to surprise him by riding their big bikes. When they learned to ride bikes without training wheels back in the spring they were riding on smaller bikes (Hailey on Justin’s bike and Justin on Sydney’s bike), but we’ve been encouraging them to try it out on their own bikes, especially with our upcoming vacations to Vermont and the OBX. So while he was away, we got them out and they gave it a try, and just like that they were off riding around. Justin can’t quite touch his feet down to the ground, but he’s figured out how to get off and on with no problem! It will be nice having them on their big bikes for vacation, and now Sydney loves riding her little bike with training wheels (but in case anyone is wondering, she’ll be pulled in the bike trailer for family bike rides on vacation)! And in case anyone is also wondering why the kids aren’t wearing helmets … well, just pretend that they are since they usually do (but of course aren’t on the night that I took the pics)!

Some other random pics …. here is our school area down in the basement. We sometimes bring our work upstairs to the dining room table, but if Callie is awake then we are in the basement so that she can be caged!
Our caged baby … she usually spends a good 2-3 hours in here every day!

Justin and Sydney have become good buddies since they often play together while I do some school with Hailey during Callie’s afternoon nap … one of their favorite things to do is play with all of Justin’s HESS trucks/cars/airplanes/motorcycles. Every year he gets the new set for his birthday from my parents, and although they can be loud (IF you put batteries in them!), they often play with them very quietly! They especially like to make all of the lights come on, but thankfully I don’t hear sirens all day long.

And this picture is perfect for ‘Wordless Wednesday’

… and that concludes this very long and random post!


3 thoughts on “>A tooth, my little mummies, canning and big bikes

  1. >I was canning pickled beets today – 16 1/2 quarts later…. you were smart doing yours at night with (I'm assuming) the kids in bed. It's hard work with little ones around the ankles. I should get a "cage". Then Caleb could be outside (like he ALWAYS wants to be) while I'm doing stuff around the house.

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