>Philly and Vermont

>Our days have been busy around here recently, thus the silence on the blog. And to be completely honest, it probably won’t get much better anytime soon! There are many times that I sit down at the computer to update the blog and then something else comes up that needs my attention and the neglection continues. Maybe I need to start doing short updates! Thanks for your patience and understanding amidst the silence … I’ll try to do my best to keep things updated!

Here’s a glimpse into our past couple of weeks …
A friend from church took us to Philly for the day to visit the Franklin Institute. The kids had a blast riding the train, walking around the city and they also enjoyed their first drink at Starbucks (at least their first drink all for themselves!).
The Human Heart …

We recently spent a week up in Vermont with my parents (and younger brother) and had a great time. We enjoyed a gondola ride in Stowe, hiking, tennis, a family bike ride, visiting lots of different places and taking tours at places likes the The Vermont Teddy Bear factory, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Cold Hollow Cider Mill, playing games (my Mom and I gave our guys a beating in spades), the indoor splash zone (the kiddos favorite hang out place when at the resort) and lots of fellowship. I also brought home 2 gallons of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup since it was cheaper up there than anything I can find in this area … we should be set for awhile now!

At the top of the gondola ride at Stowe … We hiked about 1.5 miles up to a lookout point … it was not an easy hike, but after climbing rocks for over an hour we enjoyed a beautiful view. I had Callie on my back in the Ergo and Brian had Sydney in the hiker backpack … Hailey and Justin climbed up and down all on their own rather impressively!
A family pic while stopping at the top of the lookout point for a water and snack break …
Callie girl was happy to be out of the Ergo for a little …
Me and my love … we celebrated our 8th anniversary while in Vermont! Our Teddy Bear cubs …
Mama and Papa cub …
Callie took many naps in the Ergo while we were out and about …
The kiddos all made their own teddy bears (or dog!) … Hailey with Rachel, Justin with Spikey and Sydney with Anna Bear …
Our little apples …
The great thing about taking a tour at the Ben & Jerry factory is that they give you a decent size free sample at the end, so then we don’t feel so bad not buying any ice cream!The kids had a blast collecting pins everywhere we went … Vermont Teddy Bear, Ben & Jerry’s, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Cabot Creamery … and we had a blast letting them collect free souveniers!
My Mom and I love to do puzzles … we completed this Stowe puzzle in one night (of course we had to stay up until past 1 a.m. to finish it so that Callie wouldn’t destroy it and eat the pieces)
The kiddos favorite indoor hang out place … the splash zone!
Our family bike ride … we left Callie back with Mimi and enjoyed a bike ride with the 3 older kiddos. Brian pulled Sydney in the bike trailer the entire way and also pulled Justin (and his bike!) on the way back. Each way was 5.5 miles, so it was quite a ride for the kiddos. Hailey did a great job and rode the entire 11 miles.
The Stowe Recreational Trail was beautiful.

Thanks Dad and Mom for a fun vacation … we had a blast hanging out with you!


3 thoughts on “>Philly and Vermont

  1. >There sure are a lot of factories in Vermont. Looks like fun. I have been wanting to go on a vacation there but we weren't sure where to go. Looks like you picked a great spot.

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