>Home Sweet Home and Birthday Girlies

>We had a wonderful, relaxing time in the Outer Banks with beautiful weather … but as always it’s nice to be home again, even if it is in the midst of a very busy season for us!

We got home on Saturday, which also happened to be our biggest and littlest girlies birthday … it’s hard to believe that we have a 7 year old, and it’s also hard to believe that our baby is 1 year old!
We are so thankful that Hailey and Callie are a part of our family!

Here are some other vacation pics …

Callie was queen of the beach chair whenever there was an empty one … it was the perfect place to sit and eat sand!
We visited Jockey’s Ridge late one afternoon and enjoyed a beautiful sunset while we were there …

Hailey and Justin (and sometimes Sydney!) love to play in the waves
Callie loved to chase the water and didn’t mind getting hit by the waves (well, except for the one that completely knocked her over and put her under water!)
Eventually we dug this hole for Callie girl to play in to avoid having to chase her … it worked like a charm!
My 3 big kids …
One night for dinner the 6 adults enjoyed a feast of crab legs and shrimp after the kiddos were all in bed …

And now it’s back to the real world where there is much to do other than soaking up the sun on the beach!


3 thoughts on “>Home Sweet Home and Birthday Girlies

  1. >thanks for the update. I'm very impressed that you got a post up even with all the things you have going on! The pictures are so cute. All the kids are getting so big and Callie is really getting some hair! Love ya,k

  2. >Looks like you guys had a great time! The kids are growing up so fast – I can't believe how long Sydney's hair is, or that you have a 7 year old already!See you on Saturday!

  3. >Hey Sarah…love the pictures! And the only way I got my post up earlier is bc I didn't put anything away Sunday night and just blogged instead:) Both our parents were asking to see pictures so that motivated me as well! Anyway hope you guys are doing well and adjusting back to the "glory of the grind"! Talk to you soon!

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