>my climber

>My girlie is turning into quite the little climber … she is making it harder and harder to contain her and keep her out of trouble. She reminds us of Justin at this age … which could mean we are in for some fun and exciting times! But we love her to pieces and wouldn’t trade her for anything.
Leaving her alone (especially if someone forgets to shut the bathroom door) is not a good thing, so I try to make sure someone knows where she is at all times. When left alone some of her favorite things to do are empty out any cabinet/drawer/shelf in the house, take out every single tissue in the box (when someone leaves them within her reach), remove every single diaper, wipe, blanket, etc. from the bins under the changing table (thus the reason that the door to Justin/Callie’s room can’t be left open … ok, so really we try to keep every single door shut during the day when she’s awake!) … and she loves trying to escape when I trap her anywhere. She’ll climb, push things, move things and do whatever else needs to be done to become a free girl!
The other day I found out that I can’t use the girls dollhouse to trap her anymore … she escaped, so I put her back in so she could show me exactly how she did it.

“This is a fun toy to climb on” ….

“Yeah for me” …
“Now let me show you, Mom, how I escaped a little bit ago … I just climbed up and right over the top” …
According to the kids she took a little fall in the process, but she took the pain like a tough girl since it brought her freedom!

In other Callie news … she recently had her 1 yr. well check. She weighed in at just over 20 lbs. and is 30″ tall. The week that she turned 1 she took her first steps. She will take 5-7 steps when she feels like it, but for the most part she still likes to cruise and crawl all over the place since she knows it is much faster. She will stand without holding onto anything for a long time and can get herself up to a standing position without holding onto anything … she’s just not a fan of actually walking around yet, but we’re thinking it won’t be too long. All of our kiddos walked between 12-13 months, so she’s right on track to be just like the rest of them!


2 thoughts on “>my climber

  1. >Oh, I can so easily relate to this one. Caleb was never a climber – look out with Aubrey. Sheesh! Yuep! Into everything. Don't even talk to me about the bathroom – although that was more Caleb then Aubrey. FUN DAZE!! Hopefully, short phaze.

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