>With our moving date getting closer and closer, things are busy around here as we continue to pack up things at this house and prepare the new house to move into. However, amidst everything going on, we found some time to get some pics taken recently. Here are some of the sweet pics my little sis-in-law took for us over at our new place …

Not the best family pic … you’ll have to wait for that one!
Sweet Callie girl … I can’t believe how big my baby is!

Buddy boy … my little “I like to lay on the grass to take pics” poser …

He’s such a sweet brother to his 3 sisters (well, most of the time anyway!) …
… and Callie adores him!
Hard to believe we have a 7 year old now!
And of course our little peanut …

My girls …
This is about as good as it gets with all 4 kiddos!
Sweet sisters …
And last, but certainly not least … me and my love!

I love that I get to live life with him by my side. Thanks, love for all of the hard work you’ve constantly been doing these past weeks!


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