>As is tradition in my family, we all received some new books for Christmas! Since I know many of you are always asking about any recent books we’ve gotten, here are some of the new goodies (some of which we received before Christmas, but I’ll list those anyway!) …

Full Moon Rising is a short read, but fully engaging and beautifully illustrated book that teaches about the importance of humility and the dangers of pride. Our kids have all enjoyed this book, especially the younger ones.

The Princess & the Kiss: A Story of God’s Gift of Purity tells the story about a princess who is presented with a gift from her parents: her fist kiss. They tell her to choose wisely who she gives her first kiss to, and the rest of the story is about the princess deciding who is worthy of her most valuable gift. This book isn’t too long and is a great story for girls and boys … all of our kiddos enjoy it!

The Garden Wall is a story of love based on 1 Corinthians 13. A young girl decides she wants to build a garden for her future husband. Her friend offers to build her a wall for around her garden. Together, they learn that it is not as easy as they think and are challenged in different areas along the way, all while learning the lesson of what it means to love. This book isn’t too long and the girls love it!

The Squire and the Scroll is a captivating story about a young squire who travels along side his brave knight on a dangerous journey as they try to find their king. Kids will learn what it means to face temptation and what it takes to guard their heart from all that is impure. This book is longer and geared towards kids ages 9-12 (there is a fight with a dragon), but Justin loves this book, and as an added bonus the one we received came with audio on a CD.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name has easily been our favorite children’s Bible. Even though Hailey and Justin both have their own Bibles, they still enjoy hearing stories from this children’s Bible. And since you all know how much we love audio books, we were thrilled to hear that they came out with a deluxe edition of this Bible featuring 3 audio CD’s so that the kids can listen along while they read. Getting another hardcover of this Bible was nice too since our other one has taken a beating. Plus, now when they listen there are 2 Bibles to follow along with! As the title states, we love how every story whispers His name and tells the story of Jesus. A huge hit with all of the kiddos, even though it was for Callie!

The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats is based on one of Andrew Peterson’s songs from Behold the Lamb of God, our all time favorite Christmas album. In this song (and book which comes with a sing-along of the song), it tells the story of an unlikely royal family tree. Just hearing him sing this song is impressive with all of the hard to pronounce names! In the book, there are also fun facts about the characters who are a part of the family tree. Good luck reading this book to your kids (don’t worry, after hearing the song a bunch of times you’ll know how to pronounce all of the names)! We’ve actually had this book since last Christmas, I just forgot to mention how much the kiddos enjoy it. They always ask me to replay that song when we’re listening to Peterson’s album!

If you don’t have this album, you’re missing a good one. But just so you know, there aren’t many traditional “Christmas” songs on it, but instead songs which tell all about the story of the coming of Christ.

Ok, I got off track with my books … back to books, and moving onto a couple of adult books …

Gospel Powered Parenting is currently my favorite book on the topic of parenting. I haven’t quite read it all the way through yet, but what I have read has been outstanding. William Farley does an outstanding job teaching how to apply the gospel to every aspect of parenting. Some of the things that Farley chooses to focus on are the importance of marriage and how that will effect our parenting, good offense being the best defense and he also fully pursues fathers, teaching that it is primarily fathers who are responsible for parenting children (although mothers play a very important role!). I highly recommend this book to any and all parents!

A Praying Life was recently given to us, and both Brian and I are working our way through it, although we aren’t too far yet. But, from what I’ve heard it’s not your normal book on prayer and it has been a wonderful resource for many people that I know, so I’m anxious to continue reading it!

So there you have it … a look into what we’ve been reading recently around here!


3 thoughts on “>Books!

  1. >Thanks for the recommendations! I love it when you do them. I got all the ones you recommended last time and we love them. We have two on your list this time but the others look great and I have been wanting to get the Jesus story book bible for a long time. I was waiting for the audio version to come out though.

  2. >You know I always look forward to your yearly book reviews! 🙂 I wasn't familiar with most of the children's books, so I was excited to have some more suggestions, especially as Ryan gets older and sits still for longer periods of time. We actually just got the Jesus storybook Bible (deluxe version), thanks to a blog giveaway I won, so we're looking forward to using that regularly. I'll have to get the parenting book you recommended, too, since I'm always looking for really good Biblical parenting books, and this sounds like it fits the bill!

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