>an update.

>Sorry for my picture less update … but these days I do most of my computer work on the laptop because of how slow our desktop runs (that’s what happens when you have the same computer for 9 years!). Since all my pics are stored on the desktop it is just too time consuming right now to post updates on that computer. So instead I’ll just give an update and you can picture it happening in your head!

In our parts we’ve been getting hammered with snowstorms which has been a blast! Last weekend we got well over a foot of snow, and during the week we got an additional 2 feet of snow … since there wasn’t much time for the first snow to melt we have a crazy amount of snow right now. So much, that it is rather difficult for some of our kiddos to actually play in it. Hailey and Justin are troopers and have been our every day sledding in our yard and having a blast. Sydney on the other hand can’t even walk in it, so she has to be carried or pulled in a sled! The kiddos made a huge snowman with Brian while he was home from work on Wednesday, and they also have been loving the fort with tunnels that Daddy made for them in the front yard by the driveway. We have also been so grateful to kind new neighbors who have not once, but twice assisted us with clearing our rather large driveway with their snow blowers since all we have is shovels!

My pregnancy is going well … I’m just over 13 weeks pregnant (I added a ticker on the sidebar so you can keep track!) and feeling pretty good. I’m grateful that this pregnancy has been much better than with Callie. The kiddos all seem to think we’re having another girl since they constantly refer to the baby as a “she” … of course that might just be because we have so many girls already! Justin seems ok either way, so we’re grateful he isn’t too set on getting a brother. We’re planning to go back to being surprised with this baby like we were with the first 3, so we won’t find out until August! The good news is that we have 6 more months to decide on a name, the bad news is that we have to come up with a girl name AND a boy name … and for anyone who knows how well we agree on names that could take awhile!

We’re thoroughly enjoying our new home, and so grateful that we get to live here. In other exciting news, we sold our other house (we were selling it ourselves) after only 2 months of having a sign in the yard. It couldn’t be a better situation as the couple buying our home wants to move in March 1st! We are so thankful for how God has worked out the details in both our new house and our other house that served us so well for so many years. Brian has been working so hard over the past couple of months, and I am so grateful for how he sacrifices much to lead, provide for and care for his family … we’re blessed! During his snow day he finished cleaning up the garage and made it so that we can now park both the van and his car in the garage … something I didn’t think was going to happen for a very long time!

The kiddos are all doing well … after school is done they love doing crafts, playing in the basement (their play room), going outside to ride bikes/scooters (or play in the snow more recently), reading books together and doing all kinds of make believe. I’m so grateful for how the older 3 play together and entertain themselves at times so that I can rest and get other things done. Callie, who is 15 months is in a very, very busy season of life … that girlie gets into everything and anything and keeps us all on our toes on a regular basis. Her smile and laugh are incredibly contagious and although she makes me work hard, I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to train her and be here at home with her … and all of the kiddos! As easy as it can be to get overwhelmed with all I have to do these days, I’m constantly reminded of the grace that I’ve been freely given and new mercies each and every day to sustain me, give me strength and help me press on. Having my Mom here twice a month is another wonderful means of grace to me and I’m so blessed to have her as my Mom!

I think that about sums up our past few weeks … for those of you who lasted reading this long! I’ll try to come up with a way to post some pics soon!


One thought on “>an update.

  1. >Congrats on the Sale of your old home… that has to be a huge relief off of your mind(s).enjoy the snow – fresh air – and you're right, it's wonderful having such a great mom (in my case a great MIL, nearby, as well).Mom's are the best!!

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