>House Pics

>I know many of you have been patiently waiting to see some pics of our new house … so here you go! These are all of the outside and 1st floor … I’ll try to take some of the upstairs soon and post those too. We are so blessed and still can’t believe that we get to live here … we love having over 1.5 acres and are also loving the quiet, country setting since we live on a no outlet road. The kiddos are getting good use out of the driveway, yard and deck (especially Callie on the deck – it’s the perfect huge playpen since it’s fully gated)!

View of the front

From the driveway (notice the opened garage doors that no longer need to be opened manually thanks to my handy hubby last week … a huge blessing over the past few days with all the rain we got!)View from the side … we hope to have a garden on this side of the yard behind and to the left of where I’m standing
View from the back … we’ll eventually have our swingset from our old house back here …. we’re waiting for the yard (at the old house) to dry out before we pick it up, and well that takes quite awhile.

Family Room (we live in this room)


Kitchen (oh how I love my kitchen … I spend much time in here during the day!)


Living Room (also known as the room we hardly ever use)

Living Room (yes, Callie still sucks her wrist)Dining Room (I rarely actually put my central vac away … the dining room is the perfect place for it since we don’t actually eat in there typically … and in this house I use my central vac numerous times every day … have I mentioned that I love my handy hubby!)
School Room (I love having french doors here)
Powder Room (a big thanks to my brother in law for the stripes!)


8 thoughts on “>House Pics

  1. >A fenced in deck right off your kitchen sounds fabulous. Asher is always wanting to go outside and it sure would be nice to contain him sometimes. 🙂

  2. >Nicoli – from what I remember about the Bell's (it's been a little while since I've been there!) … yes, it is a very similar layout. I can't remember if they have an office on the main level … the school room is immediately to the right when you walk in the front door. But the other rooms on the first level I'm pretty sure are very similar!And yes, we have plenty of space. 🙂

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