>randomness about us.

>Here a little glimpse into the life of the kiddos and us these days …

-Almost 19 months and full of energy, joy and curiosity
-Saying more words every day … and learning how to obey every day!
-Our escape artist who has managed to escape from the gated-in deck and her megasaucer on numerous occasions (and if she does escape into the yard you can assume she’s headed down to see the neighbor’s horses)
-Plays in the potty and pulls off all of the toilet paper less frequently (even when the door is left open … yay!)
-Thinks baby #5 lives inside my belly button
-Looks just like me (so I’m told!)

-Loves to sing all day long
-My little helper in the kitchen
-Still sleeps on the bathroom floor on occasion after getting up during the night to go potty … she gets this from her daddy who used to sleep in the hallway when he was little!
-Thoroughly enjoys playing with her big sister and brother
-Only weighs approximately 4-5 pounds more than her little sister and has yet to break the 30 lb. barrier … she fits her nickname “peanut” very well!

-Completely ok with being the only boy here all day while daddy is at work (good thing since he doesn’t have much of a choice)
-Finished his first year of school and is eagerly anticipating being a 1st grader so that he can do even more school (let’s hope that continues)
-A very hard worker with daddy outside
-Loves sports and roots for whoever daddy likes!

-My very, very big helper – loves to make salads all by herself for dinner, wash dishes (particularly helpful since we’re in need of a new dishwasher and are currently hand-washing all dishes), clean, entertain the other kiddos, read books to her little brother and sister … and pretty much anything else I need her to do!
-Excited to be a 2nd grader (and had a great year as a first grader)
-Is a bit of a pack-rat … you never know what you will find in her desk, in her room, etc. … I’ll let you guess whether she gets this trait from her daddy or mommy!

-We are loving making this house our home, and my hubby is the hardest worker I know. When he’s not busy at work, he’s busy at home on some project to bless me!
-I’m officially in my 3rd trimester as of tomorrow, and our prayer is that baby waits until after Krista’s (Brian’s little sister) wedding to arrive, but we’re trusting in Gods perfect timing!
-We spent this past weekend preparing our garden … we were both very sore and exhausted (forgot how much work it is starting from scratch!), but we were happy to get everything planted last night before the rain came. The kiddos were absolutely huge helpers with getting the rocks out (we live beside a stone quarry) … and Callie was a huge helper in eating about a pound of dirt while throwing it on her head, rolling around in it and having the time of her life.
-We are very excited for our annual Herr vacation to the OBX coming up in less than 2 weeks.
-We have actually agreed on a name for both a boy or girl! Check out the poll on the sidebar to let us know if you think we’re having a girl or boy!
-And to end on a humorous note … the ladies at the fire hall (where I vote at) almost fell out of their chairs this morning when I told them this is our 5th kiddo (after asking if it’s our first)!

A picture update to come one of these days …


4 thoughts on “>randomness about us.

  1. >Loved this post Sarah….so many things made me laugh. I miss you guys and can't wait to hang out with all for a whole week! Oh, and I voted on the boy/girl poll!Krista

  2. >Thanks for posting! It's great to hear what's going on in your lives. Loved the reaction of the ladies at the fire hall. Oh…and I can't believe you started a garden!! Girl, you have one HUGE capacity. 😀 Have a great vacation!

  3. >Funny, my youngest are the same way…Zechariah weighs only about 4-5 lbs more than Moriah, but he has broken the 30 lb barrier, just barely 🙂

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