>emma jane

>I’ve been unable to get on facebook and upload pics here at the hospital, so I’ll post some of the ones I took after I’m home … but in the meantime, you can head to www.bellababyphotography.com to see pics of Emma. Just click on “View Photos” and then enter this password: 0822emmaherr


10 thoughts on “>emma jane

  1. >What a little cutie! I'm so impressed by the quality of your hospital pics…I always turned down the offer of even having my boys' pictures taken professionally at the hospital because they always look so cheesy, but your pictures are amazing! Enjoy your first days at home with Emma – we're praying for all of you!

  2. >Sarah, I just loved seeing the photos of sweet little Emma Jane! She is so precious. I'm sure her big sisters and big brother are already smothering her with lots of love 🙂 And I know they'll all be wonderful helpers to you as you settle in to a family of 7!Praying for you with lots of love,Aunt Deb

  3. >Sarah and Brian, Emma Jane is adorable!! Congratulations on your new addition. Sarah, I still see you as the little girl knocking on my door asking to play with Caitlin… and now a mother of five. You are truly blessed!Fondly, Lori R.

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