>for the health nuts.

>I get a lot of questions about the way we eat, and why we eat the way we do.
Probably because I make a lot of what we eat from scratch, and avoid the grocery store as much as possible. Or someone will hear that we pick up farm fresh eggs and raw milk every week and ask why.
Most think I’m crazy considering I have 5 kiddos and we homeschool, but I love being in the kitchen and enjoy learning new things. Like anyone, I have my limitations in different seasons of life since I’m not superwoman (try as I might … ha)!
And in case anyone is wondering … we don’t eat healthy all of the time, just most of the time.
As to the why part; I think that we tend to feel better and stay healthier when we’re eating well … and that enables me to fulfill my role as a wife, mother and homemaker much easier.
As to what we eat … I just found out that the Weston Price Foundation recently released a free e-book called Healthy 4 Life that discusses much of what we eat and what I use to cook/bake. If you’re at all interested you can check it out here …

Healthy 4 Life e-book

And don’t worry, I’ll still be your friend even if you think I’m a crazy health nut. I’ll even eat chocolate (especially dark) with you!


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