>.8 months.

>I can’t believe our little Emma bug is 8 months old! She is such a joy to our family and is loved on all day long.

Here are some recent Emma happenings …

She is following in the footsteps of all 4 big siblings and doesn’t have a single tooth yet (the first one appeared between 9-11 months for the other munchkins).

She is crawling all over the place, and although she’s been able to get where she needs to go by scooching for a couple months, she is much faster now.

Since starting solid food about a month ago she has decided that egg yolks are the only food she will eat. And let me tell you; when the girl doesn’t like the food I’m offering there is no getting it in her mouth.

I’ve given up on getting our girlie to take a bottle because she loves her sippy cup and because she despises the bottle – with a passion.

She does not like to be left alone in a room; she is all about being a part of the action. I’m thinking this has something to do with being #5 (it’s not often quiet around here).

She babbles da-da all day long.

She absolutely loves being outside.

Emmy (as Callie calls her) is a peanut (like her big sis Sydney) and weighs just under 15 pounds.

And last but not least … just this week she figured out how to climb up the steps in between the family room and kitchen; after wiping out once (she wasn’t a fan of that part), she quickly mastered the climb without wiping out. So much for the family room being her playpen!


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